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EXCEPTIONAL HOST MOBILE COMMUNICATION is a division and member of EXCEPTIONAL HOST (PTY) LTD. We Provide the Most Exceptional mobile service for Individuals, Small, Medium and Large Businesses/Organizations such as Bulk SMS, USSD, Shortcodes, Website Development, Please Call Me SMS Marketing Campaigns, Updated Different kinds of Leads/Database Records etc. We have a team of Qualified Experts Dedicated to Meeting your Needs Beyond your Imaginations or Expectations at the Quickest time Possible. Our Main Ultimate Focus @ EXCEPTIONAL HOST is to see that all Our Clients are Fully Satisfied and Happy with the Quality of Services we provide them. We’re committed to Providing nothing short of Exceptional Services to all Our Clients. Exceptional Host since its Foundation by the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit has been Building an Exceptional Image as the Most Reliable, Customer-friendly, and the Best in all the services we provide. Our Customer/Clientele Base Continues to Grow on Daily Basis due to the Exceptional Services we provide. We go all out to see that all our Clients are Fully Satisfied with the quality of services we provide them which has resulted in Several Referrals from our Previous Clients to get others in Need of the Services we provide to Signup with us. We’re looking forward to having you on board!!!.


To Empower and Give our younger generation an Opportunity to Leave beyond Their Dreams and Aspirations In Life; that is Why 90% of Our Exceptional Team Of Experts Are Highly Energetic and Inspiring Youths. We believe that empowering our youth will help our society become greater that it is currently. We Will Strive To Leave Up To What We Represent To Provide The Most Exceptional Service


We’re here to Provide The Most Exceptional and Top of the Range Services to All Our Clients. We’re committed to Providing All the Services We Offer in The Most Exceptional Way So As To Provide 100% Peace of Mind and Satisfaction of All Our Clients. We plan to become the best globally in all the services we provide and provide nothing short of exceptional services to all our clients around the world.

Exceptional Host Mobile Communication is the Best.

Exceptional Host Mobile Communication Always Strives To Go Beyond The Call of Duty to Ensure That all of our Clients are 100% Satisfied with the quality of our services and nothing short of Exceptional Customer Care Experience.

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With our roots planted firmly in the capital city, the South African market is where we are at home. Delivering up to 600 messages per second to Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom Mobile, our systems are geared to handle high volumes of two-way traffic, with 24-hour monitoring and support on hand to resolve any queries.


Often referred to as Premium Rated SMS – Shortcodes provide an easy and cost effective means of getting in touch with your organization. Rates vary from standard rated all the way to R30 – with revenue shares available on the higher price bands. We offer Standard Rated, Premium Rated, Reverse Billed, Network Initiated


You’re Sure To Get Nothing Less Than A Five Star Services From Us To Meet Whatever Your Needs are to your satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals always ensure that your order is processed at a very fast pace to get you up and running. Our 24hours Customer care team are here to ensure that all issues you may have are fully resolved.


Short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – USSD is so widely used in South Africa that it is a very accepted means of communication, with no user education necessary. Mobile banking and airtime recharge facilities have made use of USSD since their inception – to such an extent that many people do not even realize they are interacting with a USSD application.

What people are saying

“ Exceptional Host has the best customer support services, in fact their entire customer services is spectacular. It’s good to know that I matter as a client. Great Stuff ” Ipeleng Francis – 11 April 2018

nompumelelo n.

Sales Director

“ Fantastic!!! I Absolutely love Exceptional Host Mobile Communication. everything is fast, indeed Exceptional and easy to use. I can’t complain at all ”

Du Toit – 24 March 2018


Web Developer

” Thank you Exceptional Host Mobile Communication for offering me the opportunity to experience a reliable Exceptional Bulk SMS Portal. Pricing is fantastic. ” Lorraine Smuts – 1 April 2018

Anna Le roux

IT Specialist





    The simple, cost effective solution that drives your message into consumer’s hands. High Speed Delivery – 1400 Worldwide Networks – Best Prices – Excellent Service.

    Our Bulk SMS Service Provides You With Lots of Beautiful Features To Make Your SMS Campaigns More Interesting and Easy. The Features Are As Follow:

    (1) SMS History Reports

    You Can View All Your Sent Messages
    You Can View All Your Delivered Messages
    You Can View all Your Past Messages Full Reports
    You Can View All Your Message Replies On Your Dashboard or Via Email
    You Can View All Your Pending Messages Due to Cell Phone Switched Off
    You Can View All Your Failed Messages Due to Incorrect Cell Phone Number
    You Can View All Your Rejected Messages Due To Incomplete Cell Phone Number

    (2) SMS Contact List Management

    You Can Manage Individual Contacts
    You Can Create & Manage Different Contact Groups
    You Can Save Contacts Manually or Upload From a CSV File
    You Can Insert Automated Opt-Out Link When Sending Your Messages

    (3) Additional Features

    You Can Send Long Messages
    You Can Send Scheduled Messages
    You Can Send Messages To Groups
    You Can Send Personalized Messages
    You Can Send Messages To individuals
    You Can Create and Manage SMS Templates
    You Can Send Messages By Uploading A CSV File

    (4) BULK SMS Credit Management

    You Can View Past Invoices
    You Can Purchase Credits Anytime
    You Will Receive Low Credit Notification
    You Can View Your Credit Statement History

    Genius SMS

    Cutting edge technology allows you to insert a track-able link into your SMS – at no additional cost – expanding the power of SMS to include graphics, engagement and social media integration.



Short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – USSD is so widely used in South Africa that it is a very accepted means of communication, with no user education necessary. Mobile banking and airtime recharge facilities have made use of USSD since their inception – to such an extent that many people do not even realise they are interacting with a USSD application.

With tested capacity at over 450 million sessions per month, Exceptional Host provides robust communication gateways that support surveys, competitions and consumer engagement as well as real time data and service requests.

Our dedicated project team is available to assist with planning, development, management and reporting for your campaign.

Our USSD is also available via API, with a free 30 day testing period.

Please refer to our Rate Card for general costs, however USSD applications are usually quoted for on a case by case basis, as requirements differ greatly.


Standard rated USSD allows the user to engage with your platform at standard bearer rates, billed to the user at 20 cents (incl. Vat) for every 20 seconds of engagement, or part thereof. The majority of USSD applications make use of standard rated services, as it is a relatively cheap form of engagement, but does have a certain barrier to entry – preventing abuse.


Premium Rated USSD allows you to bill the user for making use of your USSD Application. Mostly used for content services, users can be billed in increments of R1, R1.67 or R2.50 (incl. Vat) per 20 seconds of engagement, or part thereof. Other price bands are available however they are subject to a 14 working day approval period from the networks. Revenue is split with the networks, differing from time to time and per network. Revenues are paid by the networks 2 months in arrears. Please contact us for further information regarding revenue shares.


Reverse Billed USSD allows you to carry the bearer costs of a user engaging with your application. As opposed to the user being billed 20 cents per 20 seconds by the networks, this cost is reversed allowing the user to engage free of charge. Reverse sessions are billed monthly and are subject to a holding deposit being paid before activation. Reverse Billed USSD carries the suffix *134*xxxx# as opposed to the regular *120*xxxx# suffix used for standard and premium rated USSD.


Available strictly to financial institutions who have a valid FI code with the networks, NI USSD allows you to initiate a USSD session from your application and “push” the menu to the user’s handset. NI USSD is used mostly for one time passwords and financial contract confirmations.



Often referred to as Premium Rated SMS – Shortcodes provide an easy and cost effective means of getting in touch with your organization.

Rates vary from standard rated all the way to R30 – with revenue shares available on the higher price bands.

Often used for competitions, Shortcodes also provide an exceptional means of receiving communication from consumers – either with an integrated solution, or delivered instantly to your email inbox.



EXCEPTIONAL HOST MOBILE COMMUNICATION has the competence and resources to supply different kinds of updated database/leads such as Cooperate Business to Business (B2B), Individual and Consumer Database Records.

We provide database records of different business sectors in SA ranging from Mining, Agriculture, Medicals, Construction, Transportation, Finances, Security, Plumbing etc. We also provide leads for other African Countries should you require leads/database of other Countries in Africa. We will send you specific database records based on the identified business sector in SA and the specific individual you want to reach in the company ranging from CEO’s, Directors, Key Decision Makers, Managers etc. We will filter the details down to specific provinces in SA that you require or the entire provinces in SA should you require all of them. Our minimum order request for cooperate database records is 5000 with prices ranging from R3.00 per record exclusive of Vat depending on the business sector of your choice.

We also provide updated Database records of residents/individuals in various areas, cities, townships, suburbs and locations in SA. Our minimum order request for individual database records is 10,000 database record. The details contained in the database records are: First Names, Surname, physical/postal addresses, postal code, name of Suburb/Area/Location and Name of Province. All Prices are exclusive of 15% Vat.

For all our database records, we give you from 75 to 90% accuracy for all the information we provide for SA database records and up to 80% for other African countries database records. All our database records are provided in accordance with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of SA and The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. Terms and Conditions Apply.



Are you looking for a way for your consumers to get hold of you at no cost to them? Please Call Me Numbers from Exceptional Host provide a unique service where a consumer will send a Please Call Me to your number, which will be delivered directly to your email inbox. The please call me SMS marketing campaigns helps your target market get to know more about your company and what services you offer.

Simple and cost effective, you can have your own number set up in a matter of hours, with integration options available for both call centres and lead management systems.  for more details email: sales@mc.exceptionalhost.com



    Exceptional Host Designs specializes in a range of development skills primarily open source CMS, HTML development such as WordPress and Joomla. Behind the glossy design, lies a code that brings your site to life. Brilliant code ensures your website functions as it is supposed to, allowing customers, using various devices, to seamlessly switch between pages, find and purchase products and interact with your business.


    Your website is a shop window for your customers. The more beautiful and accessible it is, the better the chance of enticing them in. Just like an actual store, the look and feel of your website has to speak to the hearts and minds of your target market. When the customer virtually walks in, they should be able to find the products and services they’re looking for. This is heavily reliant on design, which determines your customers’ perception of your business. Great design allows for easier navigability and seamless experience, allowing your website’s visitors to convert into actual customers.



Single Page Promo Mailer: R4200.00
Interactive Promo Mailer & Microsite: R9700.00
Prices Above Includes Design Costs
Consumer data rental: R3500.00 per thousand Data
Minimum data rental 10 000 consumers.
Permission Based Consumers SA Opt In Email Data
Profiled across age, gender, lifestyle, interest & location
Prices may change due to volume and targeting selection
We own over 2.3 million carefully managed SA opt in emails


Exceptional Host owns over 2.3 million carefully managed opt in SA consumer email data, profiled across, age, gender, lifestyle, interest and location.


Through our Promo Email marketing solution we offer our clients the ability to target their specifically desired consumer audience.


Our Promo Email Marketing solution offers manifold benefit to the advertiser: targeting ability, personalisation, data capture, request for info, purchasing, profiling, interaction and viral pass on ability.


Promo Email Marketing is a high impact and ROI marketing tool which far outperforms display and traditional marketing mediums.

Email Is The Most Used Tool On The Internet

91% of consumers check their email daily
74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email

“Let us help you target your required audience and drive your sales and profit.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does It Take To Setup A USSD?

It takes 12-15 Working Days to get your order USSD up and running after confirmation of your payment.

How Long Does It Take To Setup A SHORTCODE?

It takes 11-14 Working Days to get your shortcode up and running after confirmation of your payment.

How Can See How Many Of My SMS That Delivered?

When you signup with our BULK SMS Portal, we will email you a manual that will help you get around the Portal easily including the option that helps you see how many of your SMS that Delivered, the ones that Failed and the ones that are pending.

How Does The Please Call Me Marketing Campaign Work?

The Please Call Me Marketing Campaign Helps You Notify The General Consumers About The Product and Services Your Company Provide. I’m sure you’re very familiar with receiving please call me from people and when you look into the please call me that was sent to you, you will notice that it came with an advert about one product/services a particular company is offering. That’s basically what please call me marketing campaigns are all about.

Each advert can only accommodate 110 letters. Its a very short advert that talks about your company products/services and details about how interested customers can reach you. They can reach you through several means and we highly recommend that they reach you via your website link that will be contained in the advert.

This campaign is very effective and we have received very high positive response from our clients who have used this marketing campaign to reach a large number of consumers in the past and are still making use of it till date. These clients of ours has seen their business clientele base grow from strength to strength consistently.

We encourage you to give it a trial today and see how beneficial it will be to the growth of your business. Get in touch with us today to get your campaign up and running. It only takes about 2-4 working days to roll out your please call me marketing campaign after receipt and confirmation of your payment.

How Long Does The Web Develpoment Take To Be Ready For Use?

It entirely depends on how many pages that is being developed, how quickly the client responds with content details, clarity of purpose of what they want and how urgent they want the job completed.

For a 3pages website for instance, it takes us about 7 working days to get the website up and running after receipt and confirmation of payment. 5pages website take a bit longer depending on the details the client want in each page.

Do send us an email for more information, advise and full step by step guidance. We’re always flexible with the turn over time depending on how urgent the client wants the job done but that will attract an extra cost because the order will be treated as an emergency order.

We’re at your service to ensure your full satisfaction. Get in touch with us today!!

How Long Does It Take For My SMS Portal To Start Working After Payment?

It takes about 15 minutes to get your SMS Portal up and running after confirmation of your payment. Your SMS Portal will be setup and login details emailed to you afterward with the total quantity of SMS ordered for credited to your SMS Portal same time.

I would like to transfer my domain and website to you, what is the procedure?

If your current host uses cPanel, we can migrate the website for you free of charge.

The first step is to place an order for the hosting package and domain name transfer.

Once the order has been placed, you can request the migration of your site by simply sending an email to migrations@exceptionalhost.co.za with your current cPanel login details.

I have transferred my domain to Exceptionalhost, but my emails are not working?

Make sure that your domain has been updated to point to our server. The nameservers for a domain will not automatically update after the transfer completes, you will receive an email asking if you would like us to update the nameservers for the domain.

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