Short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – USSD is so widely used in South Africa that it is a very accepted means of communication, with no user education necessary. Mobile banking and airtime recharge facilities have made use of USSD since their inception – to such an extent that many people do not even realize they are interacting with a USSD application.


With our roots planted firmly in the capital city, the South African market is where we are at home. Delivering up to 600 messages per second to Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom Mobile, our systems are geared to handle high volumes of two-way traffic, with 24-hour monitoring and support on hand to resolve any queries. The simple, cost effective solution


EXCEPTIONAL HOST MOBILE COMMUNICATION has the competence and resources to supply different kinds of updated database/leads such as Cooperate Business to Business (B2B), Individual and Consumer Database Records. We provide database records of different business sectors in SA ranging from Mining, Agriculture, Medicals, Construction, Transportation, Finances, Security, Plumbing etc.


Are you looking for a way for your consumers to get hold of you at no cost to them? Please Call Me Numbers from Exceptional Host provide a unique service where a consumer will send a Please Call Me to your number, which will be delivered directly to your email inbox. The please call me SMS marketing campaigns helps your target market get to know more about your company and what services you offer.


Often referred to as Premium Rated SMS – Shortcodes provide an easy and cost effective means of getting in touch with your organization. Rates vary from standard rated all the way to R30 – with revenue shares available on the higher price bands. We offer Standard Rated, Premium Rated, Reverse Billed, Network Initiated. Shortcodes also provide an exceptional means of receiving communication from consumers


Exceptional Host Designs specializes in a range of development skills primarily open source CMS, HTML development such as WordPress and Joomla. Behind the glossy design, lies a code that brings your site to life. Brilliant code ensures your website functions as it is supposed to, allowing customers, using various devices, to seamlessly switch between pages, find and purchase products and interact with your business.


Exceptional Host owns over 2.3 million carefully managed opt in SA consumer email data, profiled across, age, gender, lifestyle, interest and location. Through our Promo Email marketing solution we offer our clients the ability to target their specifically desired consumer audience. Our Promo Email Marketing solution offers manifold benefit to the advertiser: targeting ability, personalization, data capture, request for info, purchasing, profiling, interaction and viral pass on ability.


You’re Sure To Get Nothing Less Than A Five Star Services From Us To Meet Whatever Your Needs are to your satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals always ensure that your order is processed at a very fast pace to get you up and running. Our 24hours Customer care team are here to ensure that all issues you may have are fully resolved. We always strive to give more than we’re paid to give because of the high level of our exceptionalism we stand for as a company. Join us Today!!